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Arched fabric strutures have different uses in agriculture and industry as storage and production halls, warehouses of machinery and building materials , agricultural equipment, wintering grounds and stables for cattle and sheep, riding schools and stables for horses, sports halls , recycling buildings, garage for cars , buses and boats, aircraft hangars.

The construction of arched fabric structures can be done on any terrain and anchored by steel pins or screws into solid surfaces. For the construction of arched fabric structures is not necessary to build any building foundations. Arched fabric structures can also be build on shipping containers, wooden beams, concrete retaining walls or loft screws.

Arched fabric structures can be easily and quickly assembled on any terrain without the need of to build a building foundation. Arched buildings consist of hot dipped galvanized steel and PVC covers by Mehler Texnologies that meets all required criteria and has a large effect on strength and resistance to ripping , flexibility, quality of design and durability.

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